VoIP Rocks

 VoIP has been here since the 1990s. With a humble beginning, it has evolved into popular and growing communication platform in this era of modernization. In fact, it is considered as the most talked about platform of communication nowadays. The best VoIP has done is to create an Internet telephone which could be the future of telecommunications.

Knowing VoIP

VoIP is the acronym for voice over Internet Protocol. It involves the transmission of the human voice as packets from one IP address to another with the aid of a strong Internet connection. VoIP should be based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) system. Any SIP compatible device can be used to talk to anyone with an SIP compatible device. You are not charged for talking with a fellow VoIP user. You get charged when you want to make and receive calls to non – VoIP users. You’ll have to subscribe to a gateway service.

VoIP Distinguished

Nowadays, there is the influx of applications that allows you to make call is VoIP. Using voice chat in Messenger, for example, could be regarded as VoIP. The same is true for Skype. To talk to someone using Messenger needs that the person has also a Messenger account. Skype and Messenger are proprietary systems. They are just exclusive for systems of their own. Technically, they do not constitute VoIP. 

How VoIP Began?

  • VoIP pioneered the first Internet telephone, as a company.
  • Telephone integrated IP – based packages adding IP capabilities to their switches
  • The company ventured into computer – to – telephone and telephone – to – telephone calling features
  • Telephone manufacturers developed a software allowing users to attach a VoIP adaptor into their phones.

Top VoIP Services

There are so many VoIP services available today. However, it pays to get the services of only the top VoIP providers.

  • Ooma

Ooma boasts of itsmore than 13 years in the VoIP service. As a result, it has already established its strong presence and an impeccable service.

  • Grasshopper

Grasshopper affords users the experience of running their business through their cellphones. It is patronized by more than 300 000 customers.

  • Nextiva PBX SIP

Business owners consider SIP as the future of communication. Their on – premise PBX systems could be enhanced by the PBX SIP trunking services from Nextiva.

  • VoiPo

VoiPois for those budget concern consumer with the tagline “saving over 75%”. True enough, it can manage to reduce your monthly expenses.

  • Ringcentral Office

Ringcentral Office provides stable and reliable phone system. It is a provider of cloud unified communications solutions to more than 350 000 organizations.

It is safe to say that VoIP is the future of communication. The way VoIP providers have mushroomed and the consistent positive reviews VoIP use has been gettingall these years simply suggest that VoIP rocks online.