Understanding the SP Flash Tool and Its Functions

You have landed on this article, it signifies that you have heard about SP flash tool and you want to know more about its functions. SP stands for smart phone and this is a tool to enhance your control on the smart phone. I will give you relevant information about smartphone flash tool and couple of things, which you can achieve by using it.

Features and Functions

This is a PC application to control your phone completely. Total control means that you can also modify its internal files. You can take the backup of android system and reinstall the backed up android system whenever you encounter a problem with the new installed version. This is same like reinstalling the windows on your laptop, when there is an error. There are a couple of other functionalities, which you will get with this tool.  Let me explain them briefly.

BackupAndroid Phone System

You can take backup of your whole android system and save it. This backup file will serve as a Windows CD, you can use whenever you see any errors in your system. This file will help you to reinstall the android system and your smart phone will start working like before.

Flashing the Files intoSystem

There are several devices, which are non-root able, and for those kinds of devices, this splash tool is the only way by which you can root. If you do not know about rooting, then first gather relevant information about rooting and its advantages. This will give you a clear idea as how to use smartphone flash tool for rooting your android phone.

Install Custom Recoveries

This feature allows you to install the things you wish. You can inject pre written script to your phone system. This custom recovery option also allows you to back up your system with a couple of other functions.