Story of Super Mario characters

Nothing gets more thrilling the rendition of a love story in a computer game that a ‘complex’ love story where the main actor in the pursuit of love has the backing of several other characters against a rival so determined to outshine this unbeatable guy. That is the story of the Mario series, one of the most famous productions from the Mario Bros characters that have graced the gaming industry for the last more than three decades under the Nintendo franchise. This Mario’s face has appeared in more than 200 gaming episodes since making his debut in 1981.

 So let’s get the love story twist by this Hailer of the Mushroom Kingdom whose mission in this adventure is to attempt to rescue Princess Peach, to whom he is attracted but has been taken hostage by Browser. In his bid, he is helped by his brother Luigi. These and others have been involved in the famous educational or learning games released by Nintendo – Paper Mario, RPG Super Mario, among others. Super Mario There can be no mistake about this guy – Mario is well known for the signature suspenders and mustache which were designed out of accident because the original images were so pixelated due to limited access to better tools, this is 1981 we are talking about remembering.

the characters from super mario

Luigi Identical in structure and appearance to his brother Mario, Luigi too would have been starkly different had those who created this character had better technology at their disposal when swapping a color palette to establish him. He first appeared after 1985 as the characters from super mario. Miss Daisy This is Luigi’s love and although not as prominent as the Marios or Princess Peach, Daisy has featured in dozens of games (56 in total) since her debut in 1989 appearing in the same situation as Princess Peach – kidnapped from the Mushroom Kingdom by a character known as Tatanga.

Yoshi friends These include Rosalind, Bowser and Waluigi who they meet and interact with over their journey of four decades. Rosalina, though the first of their new friends, plays a significant role as a non-playable character in the Super Galaxy Games living in the comet observatory., which is attacked by Bowser who had also kidnapped Princess Peach. Toad and Toadette These are a set of male and female characters that feature in, among others, Mario Kart and Mario Party, as well as Gamecube where they are counterparts in the racing adventures.

Birdo Also known as Catherine by the Japanese lovers of this adorable pink character with a distinct red bow on her head shoots eggs of fire and appears as one courageous enemy of Mario’s in the Japanese version of the games. Diddy Kong This is Mario’s benefactor as he first appeared in the Donkey Kong game, Donkey being the synonym to Diddy who is a type of gorilla that has remained an important character of Mario and they even battle against each other in the game Mario vs. Donkey. Anastasia and Fawful A perfect villain combination in the game, although has little power and bears no greatness at all as this character cannot stand on its own. Best notable for taking away Princess Peach voice in a wish granting attempt for Beanstalk. Kamek Enemy to Mario by virtue of not going along with his friend Yoshi performs a number of magical stunts and features prominently in Partners in Time, Yoshi Touch and Go, and even Super Princess Peach as the main boss.

Kammy Koopa and her kid This is an elder of the Magikoopa race, who is Bowser’ caretaker/babysitter in Paper Mario and Thousand-Year Door games but remains one of the least appreciated of the characters. Waluigi and Wario Mistaken for being enemy number one to Mario but is actually a plumber and brother who has taken the surname Mario. He is evil and loves stirring controversy in the Mushroom Kingdom by colluding with Mario’s arch-enemy, Wario, using music. Wario further wreaks havoc in the kingdom using bombs and believes he is able to match Mario but ends up as an anti-hero because of his ever-changing behavior ending up being overshadowed by the more-imposing Waluigi.