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Writing a good resume doesn’t actually mean you have to follow the rules that you overhear from standard platforms. It doesn’t have to be a one-page document or follow a particular resume format. Each resume is the one-of-the-kind marketing communication. It has to meet your situation and do exactly what you wish it to do. Rather than a bunch of tips and rules, this article is going to cut to the chase and provide you with the most basic ideas of writing a highly effective resume.

job-seeking landscape

It’s advisable to always bear in mind that your resume is an instrument with one particular aim – to win an interview. If it doesn’t, it’s known as an ineffective resume. So how do you reach that aim? Firstly, embrace some basic truths about the job-seeking landscape.

It’s Not About You!

Originally, let go of any misguided preconceptions about what your resume is: it’s not about you! Like any firm piece of advertising, it’s not about the product being sold – it’s about the buyer and what they desire. Try considering the Coca-Cola commercials. They say very little about the beverage – they emphasize on how people who drink the beverage are happy and spending more time with people around them. The focus isn’t on the benefits of drinking the beverage; therefore, your resume is about the benefits of employing you!

Your resume isn’t the avenue to brag or the place to be modest. Its sole purpose is to attract employers to employ you! What differentiates you from the competition? In addition to stating all the relevant information about your accomplishments, backgrounds, and skills, find ways to include information that could generate curiosity. Were you born from another region? Is there the volunteer or community work that’s interesting? Are you fluent in various languages? Did you go to college in three years – or later in life? These are real people reading your resume and maybe there’s a fact about you that they’ll find interesting.

It’s Tribal.

What does that mean? In another article, it was discussed how almost 75% of people have a personality type that is defined as Tribal. They’re group workers, most usually successful and satisfied working with and through other people as members of a group, an organization, or a “tribe.” They’re at their best when they’re attuned to the tribe and contributing to its aims. Basically, if you’re selling yourself to an organization, you’re selling yourself to a tribe.

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