Social media marketing: A Boon for legal industry

When you look at the websites of the leading law firms in the market, you will notice a pattern i.e. excellent website that attracts good amount of traffic. Their websites are updated time to time and all marketing strategies are opted by these law firms. Law firm social media marketing is trending in the legal industry. Social media not only connects people on a personal level but also helps establish connects on the professional front. Utilizing social media platforms to your advantage is a technique to be learnt from the established law firms.

How established law firms utilize social media?

If you observe the websites of currently well-established law firms, you will notice that they are regularly updating their website. For example, if a law firm has a profile on twitter, they will be posting tweets or retweeting in every couple of hours. This is done to keep the audience engaged with their firm. Active accounts attract more attention.

Now the next question that arises is what kind of content is shared by these law firms. The content mostly posted on such websites is about the customers. Answering to their queries or sharing links that will enhance their knowledge. But you cannot always post such content, so the other category is sales. To advertise your firm, you display the sales generated or how your sales are being affected.

Live Chat feature

One of the law firm social media marketing technique is to include the feature of live chats. The chat box helps clients clear their doubts without personal contact. It helps the customer engage with the firm.

Using social media platforms

If you are planning to create a page of your law firm on Facebook, then remember to post on a regular basis. Having strong call-to-action on the page is always a go-to. It helps your audience engaged with your firm. Replies to the comments on your posts is expected out of mannerism from the firm. And your need to be professional at all times, with your content, your comments, your replies and your web design. You can put up videos and audio to grab the attention of the client.