Everyone of us really love music and we sing a song sometimes when we heard that it is familiar and we know the lyrics of the song. This is how the music part of our life. Singing is one of the good medicine to took away stress and sadness. Everything has change but the sound of music still remains. Sometimes, songs that we heard don’t last because not too good to hear.

Nowadays there are many new songs with new types of tones, new hits beat and new in background effects. But usually slowly disappear, not as old-fashioned oldies songs have not disappeared and still have been playing until now.

The songs have different types and are as follows The Alternative Music, Blues, Classical Music, Country Music, Dance Music, Hip Hop / Rap, Inspirational (incl. Gospel), Pop (Popular music), R&B / Soul, Rock, Reggae and so many music genres.

online music

Music Streaming

The most popular streaming music has never been more crowded. As more and more listeners shy away from physical recordings in favor of massive online music libraries, music streaming services keep on growing up, In each offering a varied amount of songs, features, and its own quirks.

In Demand Streaming

They have spent some time with the most popular services online to create this list of the top five streaming services for all different types of listeners. Whenever you’re into music discoveries, streaming radio’s, or the highest audio resolution you can find it, these are the best on-demand
streaming services in the field of music.

Record your Own Composed Songs

If we love voice and song recording that we want to play and we’ll see all over the world we have a site called a music streaming site. Through this, you can make your own compose song all over the world. By this, you have high chances to discover.

If there is online streaming there is also an Online Music. In this site of music on the internet, you can listen to your favorite songs that are listed on the hit lists.You can select multiple stations and You can also create your own channel based on your favorite artist.

We can find out here on this site what are the trending artists and what is the hottest song. Also we were able to know if our favorite artists get trending. They update the latest and ongoing music events here in the Online Music site.