How to Serve Healthy Party Treats

Cakes, pizza, spaghetti, candies, and other party treats – these can be anything that can fill the taste buds with glee, but much to the regret of the bodies of your guests. Hosting or attending a party shouldn’t be a means to destroy health. We don’t have to follow the analogy that just because it’s a party we can’t exercise restraint.

Nonetheless, exercising restraint in an event where there’s lots of good food can be very tough. Imagine having to face a huge pizza or a bar overflowing with delicious cocktails and saying “No,” only to give in to the temptation 5-minutes later. Instead of making it difficult for yourself and your guests, here are some ways to make food choices for occasions healthy.

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Presentation is the Key

Which would you go for: (a) a vegetable platter with a mishmash of greens or (b) a vegetable platter in the shape of a cute rabbit? Many party goers would rather head to the second option because, well, it’s cute. People are attracted to good-looking things, and these involve party food in the shape of little animals. The presentation of the buffet table can offer a major role in presenting your guests with nutritious party food. It can also be a good distraction to the fact that you’re mostly serving healthy treats instead of the usual meat and sweets.

Ditch the Store-Bought Dip

Commercially-produced dips will usually have fattening ingredients, much to the dismay of your guests who’re looking to shed off the extra pounds. Some might even contain harsh chemicals that might cause allergic reactions to some of your guests (Yikes). So instead of buying a batch of dipping sauce for your party snacks, why not create your own? There are plenty of recipes for healthy dips found all over the World Wide Web. It’s just a matter of choosing which one would go best with your food choices.

Don’t Forget the Main Event

Some guests don’t like to see buffet tables filled with nothing but the color green unless you’re hosting a party for vegans. Consider your main dish for the event, but do so in a way that you’re still thinking about the health of your visitors. For example, if you want a protein-rich meal, you can prepare meatballs made with lean ground beef. Instead of chicken, you can cook and serve turkey instead.

There are plenty of other options to make party food healthier than ever before. If you’re having a difficult time preparing tasty and healthy treats for your guests, you can always ask the expert assistance of caterers in professional campbelltown party hire  services.