Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

Diamond is considered as one of the hardest material on earth. Diamond has the ability to cut any type of metal or rock, but only a diamond can cut another diamond. To burn a diamond, you need to heat it between 1290 to 1651 degrees Fahrenheit. But the oil releasing from the basic touch of your finger can provoke dirt and make this unbreakable gemstone quickly misplace its sparkling effect.

Below are some ways to keep the diamond shining and sparkling.

Handle the diamond delicately

Diamonds are general magnets for lubricants which make it difficult to preserve the shine and sparkle. When you hold diamonds, the oils releasing from your fingers comply with the surface of the diamond and affect its fire and brilliance.

Clean the diamond regularly

The simple way to maintain your diamond’s shine is to soak it in a degreasing solution of normal water and few drops of dish liquid. After removing the diamond jewelry from the solution, clean the remaining dirt with a soft and clean toothbrush. The toothbrush helps you to clean the place which is difficult to reach, such as the back of the diamond, where the dirt and oil get collected.

Diamond Sparkling

Use a mild touch

Frail settings, such as older tip in antique jewelry or a setting where the diamond is enfolded in place by force from the shank shouldn’t be scrubbed aggressively with the toothbrush. After washing it, rinse the jewelry with normal water and dry with a clean and soft cloth.

Avoid using harmful solutions

It’s recommended not to use chlorine bleach and abrasives, like toothpaste, and household cleaners when you clean diamond. Chlorine can cause the metals which are used to blend gold for setting the diamond and abrasives causes scratch tothe gold and other metals.

Use ultrasonic machine with caution

Most people use an ultrasonic machine to remove embellishesdirt from diamonds. The low-frequency waves of sound through a solution causes vibration in the fluid which is used to remove collected grime and dirt. But sometimes it shakesunattached stones from their settings and cut the girdles of diamonds. It’s recommended to proceed carefully if the jewelry consists of any feathers and avoid ultrasonic if the jewelry has been served by fracture filling.

It’s also recommended to check the diamond’s grading report before putting your diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic machine. This grading report clearly shows whether the machine is safe for your diamond. You should also prefer a diamond jeweler to examine if your jewelry needs any repair before it’s cleaned.

The solution to your diamond’s shine reclines in their surfaces which work as a sequence of many minute mirrors exhibit light out and in of the diamond. Cleaning regularly will keep the diamond shining and sparkling.