Play Pranks on your Friends!!!!

With the start of school, play the pranks on your friends and foes. Use these prank ideas and become the next spotlight of school. These pranks will not land you in trouble, but as well help you to get the name of the prankster.

Prank: challenge to draw a perfect circle

Drawing a perfect circle can be really annoying. It is kind of impossible to draw a circle at once or without a tool. Hence, you can win this challenge for sure, if you follow this tip. Place the knuckle of your hand on the paper and hold the pencil. Draw the circle without lifting your hand. This way, your hand can act as a pointer and you will get the perfect round.  Don’t forget to move the paper while you are drawing the circle.

Play Pranks

Prank: Standing on one leg

Challenge your friends to stand on one leg sideways. If you are facing the wall, it is easier to stand with your back to the wall and balance on one leg. But, if the person is standing in the side way direction, it is practically impossible to stand on one leg. The person will lose balance and will be pushed to other side. This is because; the centre of gravity does not act in this case. While standing with your back to the wall or opposite the wall, the centre of gravity divides itself equally, but that is not the case with sideway standing.

Prank: Balancing a coin

Challenge your friends to balance a coin by placing it on empty glass and on the card. For this trick place an empty glass and place a card on the top of it. Put the card in the way such that, it is half inside and half outside on the brim of the glass. Now ask your friends to balance the coin on the card. It is technically not possible to do with an empty glass. Your friends will lose this prank, if they do not apply science. In order to balance a coin on the glass and card, pour the water in the glass up to brim level. Now place the card and the coin. The coin will not fall down and its balanced by water level in the glass.

Prank: Double Straw

If you want to play prank on your friends, then use the technique of double straw. In this, place one straw in the water and cut the other one to half. Tie them both with a rubber band. Now ask your friends to drink.  They will not be able to suck water. Since, air is lighter than water; they will be able to suck in air and not water. However, if they suck with maximum energy, they will be able to drink water. This prank can also be played by knotting the straws in between. In this way, they keep trying, but will not be able to suck in anything.