The Perks With Apps That You Can Take Advantage Of

Dating, by today’s standards a meeting of 2 people either personally or digitally, Over the years there has been an increasing popularity of digital/online dating and this is where app-based dating comes into the picture. This type of dating is popular in recent years since the emergence of smartphones that are able to run dating apps wirelessly. These apps are a staple in every app store and for a very good reason and that reason can be answered by a cliche “no man is an island”.

“No man is an island”, for the most part its true, why? Thi is because everyone needs a company especially if you are at the ages 18 – 40 where according to Erik Erikson, you’re out looking for love and if you don’t meet that, it means your unhealthy. Feel the pressure yet? With finding that person that you want to love in real life is hard, maybe your in a wrong platform. Maybe you should try out these apps for a change and maybe you will get a better chance at love and avoid disappointing Erik Erikson.

You can control the people that you date: If you were in a formal date or you hook up with someone in a bar, most of the time your only filter is the physical appearance. With dating apps, your filtering so much more, like sex, age, area and so on. Never have you got this much of an ability to filter preferences that these apps can only provide. So the next time you try to meet someone personally, think about that.

Its like speed dating without the clock: The good thing about speed dating is that you get to meet more than just one person in one place, what makes it worse is the time constraints especially if you got to talk to someone that you like. It’s an instant mood breaker, but with mobile dating apps, those time constraints are gone. You get to talk to many people and the best part of that is you control your time.

Avoid embarrassment: Do you know what’s worse than a bad date and forgetting your wallet? Being embarrassed by either your date or the predicament. Life is like a wheel, it goes full circle, sometimes you’re up, sometimes your down, sometimes your lucky and sometimes your unlucky and the worse time to be unlucky is when your with another person and you’re on a date. How about you avoid that and try out a dating app instead.

It simply works: With dating app, you get to interact with other people, you get to know them, spend time with them and have a good time of your life, the only thing that is lacking is doing it digitally than personal. With some people, this works really really well.

Dating is a complicated thing, this is because humans are complicated, but it does need to happen in order for one to be able to find their true love. If you haven’t tried dating apps before, maybe you should because you can basically filter your preferences on people that you want to meet. It’s like speed dating, the only difference is that you got the timer. You can avoid embarrassing situations and it simply works! You can get a date guaranteed!