Perfect Hair for the Perfect Wedding by professional

A bad day’s hair on the wedding day is not just an option. Look for professional help to get gorgeous bridal braids. You may be lucky to have a fully-fledged hairdresser who knows his best on anyone’s hair and you can create your ideal bridal hairstyle. If you do not, well, I just need to do some research. Ask other brides whose hair cuts you’ve admired, then look at some wedding salons. Once you have a list of options, it’s time to set up consultations, which is the only way to determine if a stylist is right for you. Jumping this step and your wedding look may contain more than your hair spin.

Get ready – Working with a wedding hairdresser

When you meet with your wedding dress designer for the first time, notice that they do not know your personal tastes; you need to show and tell. The best way is to collect the hairstyle photos you like from magazines, Pin-tea-rest and other online sites. You can also take pictures of yourself to show you how they want to look, all that gives them a clue about what style of style you want.


Another clever idea: dress in white for your request (including a white shirt) so you can see how the hair color seems to be paired with a white tone. You can also choose a shirt with a neckline dress as she, since different hairstyles are for individual neckties. It is also important to carry the accessories you want to use on your hair, whether it’s a helmet, a fork or a veil (if you use one) – it will make your hair look different. If your hair accessory has not arrived yet, if a friend has something like that, ask if you could borrow. Or take one.

Document it

Speaking of photos, we suggest you take some time with the phone. Once the hair salons austin tx​​ stylist begins to manipulate the braids, ask them to take a picture of each aspect finished by four different angles: front, back, and both sides. In this way, you will see how you look under all points of view, and you will have an idea of ​​how the stylist’s work translates into photographs. If there is a particular style you like, ask them to write exactly what products and techniques have been used. Since a marriage consultation may take months before the actual event, it is important to keep notes and take photos so you can remember what worked out.

Once you decide to take over, give a deposit to hold the date and request a confirmation. Another possibility is that the designer signs a formal contract in detail what awaits the day of the wedding. It may seem too obsessive, but this is not an appointment by the ordinary hairdresser so formalize the deal.