The New Trend: Insurance Shopping Online

Everyone needs insurance these days. It can be for their homes, motorcycles, contents and car insurances. According to research, New Zealand homeowners and car owners shop for insurance online. With the rapid rise in technology, it seems like you can do everything online these days.  It is easier and convenient.

            According to the new YOUI CEO, Frank Costigan, customers are changing their shopping behavior. More and more people are doing business and transactions online especially when it comes to insurance. This is the reason why business owners are making their websites user-friendly and easy to understand to attract more customers.

YOUI Online Insurance

            According to the YOUI CEO, as of April 2017, their New Zealand customers can already get their full online quote and purchase. They don’t need to pick up the phone and call customer service. Everything can be done online with YOUI. In addition to that, customers who are doing their transactions online are given 10% discount which will reflect in their bills.

The YOUI Wall.

            YOUI received over 95% satisfaction rating from over 60,000 comments in the last 12 months. The YOUI Wall is used to get the customer’s feedback that everyone can see. Some users use the YOUI wall to voice out their concerns, which is a great way for the company to provide a proper solution to their queries, real time.

The YOUI Insurance Covers

          If you are shopping for your car insurance online, it is best to understand first the different covers that this company is offering. They will right-fit your budget depending on your car.

  • Comprehensive Cover. This will cover loss or damage for insured events. This will also cover any liability caused by the car to an another person’s property.
  • Third Party, Fire, and Theft. This will cover your car if in any case fire, earthquake, theft or attempted theft incurs damage to it. Liability is also covered if the damaged someone else’s property.
  • Third Party Property Only. This will only cover any liability caused by your vehicle to a property of the third party.

When you are online shopping for insurance, especially for your home or car, understand what the insurance policy is all about. Do not just agree to anything unless you understand what you are paying for. Remember that your insurance will protect not only your investment but also your wallet. Choose the best coverage for you. You will be the one who will decide what you need. Youi NZ online insurance staff can help you all the way to your car or home is fully insured. You can call or just do the transaction online.