What you need to know about kidstyping.org’s 12 stages of learning: Q level 1

If you haven’t known “kidstyping.org” and you have kids, then you should because they can help you teach your kids into being a touch typer. “Wait…. A TOUCH TYPER?” That’s right! A touch typer.A skill that certainly you never learned when you were a kid.But because kids are now more exposed to technology than we were all the more that you need to make them learn it in a fun way.

Kidstyping.org has 12 stages of learning that can make your kid thinks that he/she is playing (and he/she is) but what your kid will never realize is that it’s a lesson and the more that they play it the more that they are able to learn it. And what better way to teach them a thing or two than at this age where their brain is like a sponge. And one of the most important ones is level/ stage 1:


Level 1: focuses more on accuracy, there are various stages for level one that includes warm ups and exercises to help students remember what they have practiced. In this stage, students will be introduced to various animals that will give them tests/ solve problems thru typing. They will be introduced to various typing lessons, all will teach them to properly position their hands to be more key efficient.

  • Stage 1: The foundation training, learning how to position the hand to be key efficient. The added fun is the key here to make kids learn faster.
  • Stage 2: Hand movements, moving from home row keys – e and i before moving on to stage 3. Hand movements are very important and what better to learn this than playing.
  • Stage 3: The end lesson after the r and u key introduction. By the end of the lesson, kids will be able to know which finger touches which and so as the position of the hand and identify what their middle finger and index finger will be touching when reaching the top row while they are typing.

Level or stage 1 is important because it’s foundation building, the training and lesson s were brought in such a way that it makes the lessons fun because let’s face it when you learned to type in school it was the most boring thing that you ever did in your life and some just even learned this when they were playing games. But your kids, thanks to this will now have a shot at a learning style that you never experienced before when you were learning to type.