NBA 2K18: 3 Things That Would Make the Game a Whole Lot Better

Golden State Warriors blew everyone away with star Stephen Curry in NBA 2K15 as he won the league MVP while his team won the NBA championship. When 2K16 rolled into the scene, it was considered as the best NBA game that many have played in recent years, but it’s not all about Steph Curry.

NBA 2K16 and 2K17 are both phenomenal games that flew off the shelves as soon as it was released. Many basketball and video game enthusiasts couldn’t wait to get their hands on the game. Now that the release of 2K18 is just around the corner, fans can’t wait to see all the magnificent updates coming to the new title. Here are some things that would make NBA 2K18 an even better game to play than what you might initially anticipate.

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More Options in MyCareer and Other Modes

When NBA 2K16 was released, it brought a new feature into the mix that’ll body scan real NBA players. However, this functionality didn’t make its way to the creation suite. Whether you’re just creating a custom player to add to the roster or if you’re creating your MyPlayer, you couldn’t make your custom creations skinny, fat, aesthetically built, or perhaps somewhere in the middle. In other words, you’re stuck with whatever options the game gave you right from the get go. For 2K18, many fans wish that there’d be more options within the character creation module to add more flexibility to the game.

Fix the Face Scanning Feature

The concept of transferring your face to a custom character in NBA 2K series was astounding, but it leads to many distorted and quite hilarious renditions of yourselves when the 3D render of your face was brought to the game. In other words, it’s not as accurate as it sounds. For NBA 2K18, many fans hope and pray that the bugs associated with the face-scanning feature is fixed, and it should be more accurate than before.

More Options While Waiting for a Game

Waiting for new challengers can be such a drag, which is why the addition of MyPark in NBA 2K games was met with great joy. However, if you’re doing nothing in the waiting room because there’s also nothing to do in the first place while waiting, then most players will just leave the room, try to reload, or perhaps even shut down the game for the night. There should be more options found in MyPark so you can have a bit of fun before the actual fun begins.

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