Internet Radio, the new rage

Internet radio or web radio is an audio service that uses the internet as a distribution medium of broadcasting instead of the traditional radio waves. Instead of the term ‘broadcasting’, ‘webcasting’ word is used because the content streamed is live and not prerecorded.  This means that anyone from anywhere, having a web browser, mobile device, laptop, PDA, video game consoles or PC can connect to internet radio station. Internet radio can also be accessed through the internet via Wi-Fi or LAN.

Internet radio is interactive. Internet radio websites are places for listeners to interact not only with the station but also with each other through uploading photos, chat shows, texts messages, audio and video messages. Hence, internet radio is audio as well as visual.

online music

It offers a lot of choices and great sound quality

Internet radio has no geographical boundaries. A person can hear or see any session of his choice from any part of the world.

One can hear old broadcasts as well. If you have missed any important show, you can hear it days or even months after it was streamed.

There is no need to worry about the signal strength. High-speed internet helps flawless transmission.

One can start their own radio station. You can start live chat shows, stream live events, talk shows. It is not at all expensive.

There is no need to download files to your hard drive in order to enjoy music etc.

Very less advertisements are there on internet radio. This helps people to hear their favorite shows or songs with little or no disturbance.

No matter which end of the world you are in, if you have access to internet, you can hear internet radio.

The internet has opened up a new possibility for radio enthusiasts. Internet radio users are growing everyday.