Heeding the Challenge of Software Upgrade

It was reported that the year 2016 has seen how the hotel industry improved the experience of clients or guests. The integration of the modern hotel property management system was well – accepted in the mainstream causing a considerable number of hotels leaving in – premise legacy systems.

One of the newest features of the modern PMS is its cloud – based technology. The introduction of the cloud – based hotel software provides a platform where mobility and hotel management are accommodated. This breakthrough in the hotel industry calls for hoteliers to welcome the changes and innovations and implement certain changes in their respective properties. What does shifting to the new hotel PMS entail?

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Deciding on the Purchase

The first step in shifting to the new PMS is deciding on the purchase. What are the things to be considered by the hotelier?

  • Determination of the budget
  • Selection of the evaluation team
  • Definition and identification of guests and their needs
  • Identification of specific needs after the drill down
  • Look for PMS vendors that satisfies your business needs
  • Participation in systems demonstration
  • Decision to close the deal

Staff Upgrade

Mainstreaming hotel operations and services entails training of staff to optimize the use of the platform. Although hotel property management system comes with a user – friendly interface, the importance of having employees undergo training should not be undermined. In some cases, training is conducted by the service provider.

The training normally depends on the depth of the product or service. Training days are scheduled for outside trainers on the newly introduced system. The staff knowledge is also evaluated. Hotel staff are also trained on how to be comfortable using the new system. Trainings include evaluation. This is carried out through a series of tests such as mock check ins and check outs and mock interaction sessions.

Software and Software Provider Evaluation

Deciding to change the property management system is a crucial business decision. There are important considerations that hoteliers have to go through before finally deciding to infuse change in the system. The following questions are helpful:

  • Does this new PMS have what it takes to run my business better than before?
  • Why should I risk my money and my business with this company?
  • Does this have features that the other PMS doesn’t have?
  • How will this help me cut the costs of operations?
  • How will this new PMS help my business grow?
  • How do I undo mistakes using it?
  • How do I learn to use it?

Undoubtedly, shifting to a new hotel property management system is a big challenge for every hotelier. However, in the hotel industry, technological advancements are part of the changing and growing trends. Those hotels that can keep up with the changes are those that can stay longer in the business. The ability of the hotelier to keep abreast with these changes and have them adapted in running the hotel positively and significantly determines the staying power of the hotel. After all, adapting to technology to create a new brand of service is the new hotel industry paradigm.