A Glimpse at How Men Dressed in the 80’s

The cloths of 80’s time for menwere offshoots of the trends popularized by. The men’s fashion of the decade reflected what was “in” as popularized by TV and movie celebrities and music video icons. It was a practice then to have a man dressed for work in clothes he deemed appropriate for an evening out at a nightclub.

Despite the dominance of fashion icons, clothing fashion and style for men in the 80’s was still more of self – expression.

80-talet kläder

Television Series Inspiration

While the 80’s was invaded by icons in the music industry, men in the 80’s opted for clothing that appeared cool and casual. This was particularly influenced by the TV series that predominantly ruled this period. Casual t-shirts under designer jackets, suits in white, pastel, or bright colors, loafers or boat shoes dominated men’s fashion.Pushed-up sleeves and open jackets were also popular during this decade.

Music Icons in Men’s Fashion

In the 80’s, not only was women’s fashion reflective of the influence of music icons. Men’s fashion was influenced by music icons. Michael Jackson’s power jacket became one of the most popular outfits of the decade. Boy George’s androgynous look was also a hit during this period.Some men copied the look of Metallica by wearing t-shirts, leather or spandex pants and torn jeans often with a bandana around their massively teased hair.MC Hammer also popularized the parachute pants.

Brand Clothing

Aside from the predominantly iconic fashion and style in the 80’s, brand – name clothing was also a hit. Clothing in the 1980’s featured items with brand logos. Izon popularized sportswear and casual fashions. Gap was known for pullover sweatshirts. Guess was a popular denim brand. Polo Ralph Lauren was known for their colorful polo shirts and jackets.Benetton was largely regarded for their colorful sweaters and knits. Champion sweatshirts were a popular item for weekend wear.

Conservative Clothing

Men of the 80’s also showed their conservative side. Conservative clothing, which had its origin in the 1950’s remained prevalent during the 80’s. Men expressed their being conservative by using button-down oxford shirts, polo shirts with the collars turned up, argyle sweaters, sweater vests, peg-legged jeans, cuffed khakis, penny loafers and bright white sneakers.

Individuality and creativity were vital elements in the development of men’s fashion in the 80’s. Undoubtedly, men in the 80’s witness a fashion that the men of the previous decades failed to witness.