Factors that you need to keep in mind before buying your Pittie

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. That’s because they can understand you more than any other human being. They are like your best friend in a form of a dog. But they are also like children that will never grow up. Once you decide on having a pet dog, you’ll need to accept the responsibility that comes with it. Because of the fact that they are like a child, you will have to give them the right attention. Taking care of them is all they ask and they will love you to the very end. This is what makes dogs special compared to any kind of creature.

pitbull dog for sale

Once you have decided that you want a dog, you need to know what’s right for you. If you want a loving and very affectionate dog, then a pitbull is the right choice. They are very energetic and if you’re the athletic kind of person, they will be your new companion. You can bring them while you’re jogging or while you’re out on a hike. They are also extremely loyal and obedient that training them is no problem. They are also people-pleasers too which is what pitbull owners love about these dogs. There are so many pitbull dog for sale which is why you need to take things into consideration. Things that are very important no matter how small they are.

What you need to know before buying

Before you buy a pitbull puppy, you need to check a lot of things first. Look for a legitimate breeder that can show you the official papers of your dog. The reason behind this is because there are so many backyard breeders that are abusing their dogs. Making them live in very dirty conditions and in some cases, the dogs are sick. Some female dogs are also pregnant while sick which can affect the puppies inside. So the chances of you getting a sick puppy are high too. Aside from that, female puppies are expensive than male puppies. That is because the breeders are selling you a breeding stock. This simply means that you are a possible competition in their eyes. The last one is the characteristics of the puppy. Some breeders will base on the color of their fur and eyes. So if you want a very rare female puppy, get your wallets ready because you will pay more than you expected. And it’s OK as long as the puppy is healthy.

The horrors of Inbreeding

Inbreeding means breeding dogs that are close relatives. Some breeders would do this kind of breeding because they want to make the puppies more defined. They want a bigger head, bigger body, etc,. because these are more appealing to some buyers. But these puppies will have a lot of underlying illnesses. Even if the puppies will have more positive traits, the negative traits will naturally double up too. Spending money on these kinds of breeders is not worth it. And you will be the one who’ll take the brunt of it since you’ll be dealing with the many illnesses that the dogs will have.

Buy from World Class Kennels

Puppies that come from World Class Kennels are usually very expensive. The prices range from $2000 to $15000. But they make sure that the offsprings are a hundred percent healthy. They also come from the best bloodline. These kennels would always update their customers by posting videos on social media to build trust with their buyers. And of course, the papers are official and legitimate too.

If you already planned on where you are buying your pitbull puppy, you need to double-check them first. The overall health of your new puppy is important and your money should not be put to waste. If you didn’t care at the beginning, then you should now. It’s for you and your puppy’s own good.