How To Dress Like Michael Jackson In 80-Talet Kläder

Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 59th birthday on August 29. Gone too soon. Nonetheless, the king of pop left behind a musical legacy to remember him fondly by. Equally, his fashion style would live on in memory and 80-Talet Kläder.

By the 1980s, Michael broke free of the Jackson 5 mold and their trademark Afros. He transformed himself and cemented his reputation as a fashion icon. His sense of style and creativity inspired many who came after him to enter the music industry.

Thriller’s Red Leather Jacket

It was 1982. Michael Jackson released the music video for the song Thriller. The track sealed his status as the King of Pop. Equally, fans took notice of the red leather jacket he wore with black diagonal lines. He also wore red pants to match and black loafers.

80-talet kläder

Michael’s Signature Glittered Military Jacket

The King of Pop appeared in a glittered military jacket during the 1984 American Music Awards. It became his staple attire at most of his public appearances for the last 20 years. However, its debut has the distinction of a one of a kind accessory no less than actress Brooke Shields.

The Gloved One Is Born

If given a choice to choose one piece of 80s clothing to represent Michael Jackson, no doubt many would choose the white rhinestone covered glove. Hands down. Even without the rhinestones, simply wearing a white glove would spark memories of the King of Pop.

An interesting fact about the glove Michael wore then. In truth, Michael had two types of gloves. For public appearances, the glove would have rhinestones all over it. However, his stage gloves only had sparkles on one side for a very practical purpose. This made it easier for him to hold the microphone while performing. You can Read more to know the details of  1980 Fashion.

Michael Jackson on Stage Fashion

Michael Jackson’s on stage fashion was fierce with its leather and buckles. Yet it stood it out even more for the attention grabbing detail on his maleness. His desire to stand out was for the benefit of his fans who came to watch him. Michael wanted to give them the show they deserved. Hence, his decision to make his wardrobe pop out for everyone to enjoy. Indeed, he didn’t disappoint anyone.

In honor of the King of Pop’s birthday, take this opportunity to honor him and dress up with 80-Talet Kläder. Even a single white glove is enough to make a heartfelt statement in his memory.