Documents lost in translation

There are times when people migrate to other countries. It may be because of work opportunities or live with relatives. Others migrate to have a fresh start at life. When that person transfers, he or she needs to adjust. The culture as well as language may not be the same from their previous residence. One good example is when a Spanish person migrates to the US. This person’s legal documents might still be written in their native language. As it is a foreign language, there might be instances where it gets lost in translation.

trusted online translators

Legal documents such as birth certificates are important for migrating and as much as possible, should be written in a language everyone understands, English. ImmiTranslate is a company that specializes in Spanish birth certificate translation. They are considered as one of the best and trusted online translators available. Already having over 14,000 satisfied clients worldwide, ImmiTranslate assures that your documents will be accepted or they will give you a refund.

Why choose ImmiTranslate?

There are a lot of businesses you can find that can translate what you want. There are also even programs that do this. Why choose ImmiTranslate then? The company is considered to be one of the top companies in this field, and for good reason. They are recognized as one of the fastest companies in terms of turnover. Send them a digital copy of your document and you get it back accurately translated. Unlike programs, they work with real people rather than codes. This means that the documents are translated by people who speak in that dialect. This gives for a more accurate translation.

Your security is their priority

Legal documents such as birth certificates contain very sensitive information. Sometimes, information leaked may compromise you, but not with ImmiTranslate. They have state of the art encryption that secures your original document and the translated copy as well. This attention to security is what makes ImmiTranslate one of the most trusted online translators.

No hidden charges

There are times where when you avail of a service, you are surprised with the bill they send you. Oftentimes, these companies have hidden charges. These hidden charges are what burns a hole in people’s pockets. ImmiTranslate on the other hand, offers simple, straight up pricing with no hidden fees. For just $25 a page, you get up to 250 words of accurate translation.

Eco-friendly English.

One of the things that make ImmiTranslate is their care for Mother Nature. Offering digital only services and only give printed copies upon request of the client. This system of work makes them conserve paper. Not to mention that there’s no need to pay for shipping costs as well, making ImmiTranslate more affordable.

You can find almost anything on the internet these days, including translation services. ImmiTranslate is one of the companies that offer such. What separates them from the others is that they offer very accurate translation services at a very affordable and reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to them. And getting your documents to be accepted by immigration is on the top of their list.