Credit card with cashback, low loan rate or insurance?


Mainly, you can separate credit cards in Norway in 3 main categories. The first one has basically several different terms and terms, such as cashback, cashpoints, bonus cards, petrol cards, shopping cards, discount cards and so on, but the point is that you who use the card will receive a cash back or Norwegian money back. It’s common to get from 1% and upwards in discount when shopping in particular chains, gas stations, airlines or in some cases within specific product types like shoe stores, electronics stores, rental carriers, sports boutiques or other stores. It has also become more and more common for card companies to set up their own distributor portals, where it is easy to see where to earn cashback.

 Low-interest Credit Cards

The second category of credit cards that some fewer companies are focusing on are low-interest credit cards that are suitable for postponing the payment. Most of us now realize that interest rates on credit cards are relatively expensive and if the card is to be used for a payment delay it is incredibly important to choose the credit card that has the lowest borrowing rate and try to completely ignore what cashback offers which is included in the card. Winning goes almost without exception into spinning, if you have an effective interest rate on your credit card of 25% but get back 5% off when you trade. If you know that it’s not appropriate to pay the full amount when the bill arrives, then you should definitely find the lowest rate on your next credit card.

Credit cards abroad

The last category of credit cards is what we can call for travel cards to use abroad, where it usually includes a free travel and cancellation insurance if you pay a large part of the trip with the appropriate credit card. Now airlines offer such cards that also earn bonus in the benefit programs of the companies, but other actors are also looking to offer free insurance included in the cards. An important thing that you can look at if traveling abroad is either at work or on holiday, if the card offers free of charge cash withdrawals abroad, as this can be quite a big saving at least in countries where it is more common to pay with cash compared to using cards.

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