Challenges faced by women for participating in Democratic Government

The meaning of true democracy is alive only through the words of Abraham Lincoln which says of the people, by the people and for the people. When it comes to a democratic country everyone has equal rights. The government comprises of all the people from different societies who are elected by the people. The problem with all the democracies will be the less participation of women in the society. The participation of women is also important when it comes to decision making. The governance structure of our democracy is important as our democracy has not providing much participation of women in politics.

If it is a good democracy then they should provide equal importance for all the people in the democracy. The decision making is the skills that every woman has inside them as they are the decision makers of the family. Women nowadays are actively participating in all the issues of the household activities. So they can better handle the issues that are prevailing in the society. They are aware of the legal issues that prevail in the society.

Challenges faced by women

The participation of the women can be increased in terms of governance. If we have a look at the ancient history of government the participation of women is considerably low. The number of women involved in the politics can be easily numbered as there are only few women who have been involved in politics. But nowadays it is not the case the participation of women in the politics has considerably grown and this will help them to lead the government. If we take the Indian State government it is ruled by women in all directions.

But still many controversies prevails for women to be involved in politics as we take a look at the current issue the ruling ministers of the BJP were denied access to have seat in the parliament. They have been denied access in this regard because they are women. The days are gone when the women were denied access to enter the government. But in the developing counties like India it is not the case. The women were given equal importance in the legislation as well as in the governance. The modern women are more educated and are aware of the legal laws that favor them. So the day that Abraham Lincoln has stated is not far away.