Auto Glass Repair

An auto glass is made up of two different types of safety glasses that protect both the structures of the vehicle. The first one is tempered glass and another is laminated safety glass. Both have different uses and benefits. Tempered glass is used on the rear and side windows and these glasses go through a unique process where it is heated and then quickly cooled. Laminated safety glass is for the windshield. These glasses are composed of two separate pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl. After that it is heated and pressed together in an oven called an autoclave. These two glasses are stronger and much better than regular glass. When a tempered glass is hit, it will definitely shatter and fall on the ground into small pieces but when a tempered glass breaks they do not have sharp edges like the regular glass. When a laminated safety glass gets a strong impact it will also shatter but, generally, the pieces will adhere to the vinyl and that will not fall to the ground. When automobile accidents take place auto glass gets damaged, and then it needs to be replaced. The laminated and tempered glasses, each have different functions, but together, they keep one inside the vehicle in an accident, acts as a shield from sharp pieces of glass, retain the roof’s rigidity in a rollover and allow the side airbag to protect when it’s deployed.

Auto glass has a small vein, during the repairing session, it takes less than 30minutes and it costs less. The people who repair auto glass are the technicians and they know the correct way of repairing the auto glass. In the repairing of auto glass, the nick or vein is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Next, the resin is injected under pressure and held in place with a material such as Mylar. An ultraviolet light is applied to cure the resin, and then the Mylar and extra resin are scraped away. Finally, the area is polished.

The repairing of auto glasses is very quick and simple it is done by technicians by following ways:

  • First, the technician will inspect the auto glass to make sure this type of repair is right for the situation.
  • Then he will clean the area of the glass so that, hopefully, no moisture or debris is sealed into the repaired spot.
  • The glass is sealed with a unique resin material which is then hardened with an ultraviolet light.