3D Gaming Monitor: How does it Work

3D Gaming monitors use a powered pair of glasses. They have alternating shutters to show the corresponding images to take effect.  All of us will see things differently with 3D.

Basic 3D: How It Works

3-dimensional images reflect really how physical objects are seen by our eyes. Our eyes focus on an object which is in front of us. Each eye sees the image differently and two different images are formed with asmall distance between them.

Close your one eye. Focus on a thing which is a foot or two away from you. And repeat the same with another eye.You might have noticed how your viewing perspective changed. Your brain sort of those images and puts them together. So they are in focus.

Similarly, all 3D technology shows you two different images which replicate the same to effect. But how they present those images to you is where they are differing. And these differences led to some drastic effects. 3D displays create the illusion by presenting each eye a different image.This process can be explained as – Right eye image is sent to the right eye and the left eye image is sent to theleft eye and after that,each image is tailored to its respective eye.

There are three important types of 3D technologies used in modern displays. They are

  • Passive
  • Active Shutter
  • Glasses-Free

For 3D vision functionality, thesetype of monitors usually has a spec of 120Hz or more. So they have responsive screens and so are good for gaming.

They have ahigh refresh rate.  They also use backlighting technology. So they reduce the blurring effect between the frames. So this is amajor requirement for competitive gaming.

They offer good quality of thepicture, aggressive design, genre-specific settings that can enhance thegaming experience. They will give you truly immersive experience while playing.